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Disruption and changing the world downs to a good fictitious story—persuading and corporation with people and the use of sophisticated #Technology and materials.

We're here to #CHANGE

For everything we know till this day is downed to story. Fictionalized or not. well work to the federal reserve and those around about the story they told us.

" If you are influential in a bank with huge shares/equity and you own a #media reputation that is relevant, You can #sell anything, build anything and make anything with any kind of #business with the bank ".

Everything in the world downs to influence—persuading others with story or #propaganda. Every great thing is built on a emotional connection—#STORY. 

Exploring the Vast Frontier: 6K LEGIIT

Oh, the #cosmic canvas above, an enigmatic tapestry spun with stardust threads, beckons us to voyage into the obsidian sea of space. A #futuretechnology brimming with promise unfolds, inviting us to chart the uncharted, to grasp the untold, and to unveil the veiled secrets that dance beyond our terrestrial realm.

Amidst this unending night, a symphony of #scientificfacts wonders awaits. With ships adorned in curiosity, we sail to distant shores - planets, moons, and distant worlds. With every cosmic pit stop, we gather treasures of #knowledge, rewriting histories etched in celestial bodies, and perhaps uncovering the echoes of life whispering in the winds of alien landscapes, If there is.

Yet, the allure transcends the empirical and ventures into the realm of #innovation. #6klegiittechnologies won't miss this part. The cosmic crucible breeds ingenuity, birthing #newtechnologies that defy gravity's grasp. The solar sails and star-guided compasses forged in the cosmic forges find their earthly echoes, #revolutionizing realms from healthcare to communication, from energy to art. A celestial dance choreographs a waltz of inspiration that enchants both the heavens and our human endeavors.

This cosmic journey weaves unity. A global stage, the International Space Station, reminds us that we are stardust kin, bound not by earthly borders but by the shared dream of touching the stars. With each collaborative endeavor, I pen a story of cooperation that blurs lines drawn by man and embraces the constellations' timeless narrative.

As we sail through the cosmos, we stitch safety nets for our blue cradle. The vigilant guardianship of celestial highways defends against asteroids' fickle fury, a planetary waltz of avoidance and protection. And as we gaze beyond, hope unfurls wings of wonder – planets beyond our ken, galaxies that whisper of hospitable homes. The search for sanctuary echoes a siren's call, beckoning humanity to ensure its survival beyond our terrestrial sphere.

In the grand cosmic theater, humanity is both observer and actor. 


"It is all a LIE and when you will wake up I don't know".

Jesus from bible(John 19:7) is referred to as the "King of the Jews" and was "crucified" in quote they say; because he referred to himself as the Son of God. (The conscious one).


The Islamic, Muhammed attained consciousness.

Jewish, Jesus Attained consciousness.

So where did Christians come from?

Because You cannot tell me that you are a Christian serving a Jewish Jesus when it is related to the 'Jews'. Neither can you say you are Jewish and Christian at the same time.

Now, they say Jewish and Christians are different. That is where foolishness starts again.

"The plan" is division and when you understand that everything has been altered and it is your duty to find your TRUTH you will know. Nothing is forever hidden.

This people you serve all attained consciousness why don't you want to attain yours?

Seek #Spirituality not #Religion.


We all have a story to tell especially those you think live the most absurd and boring life. The more boring you are the better though. We always hear about enlightenment but the only way to attain wisdom is through #consciousness with #curiosity. Being conscious by the things that happen around you and your curiosity to find the fuck 'Why'. 

'Why'. If we ask that a lot we will be a lot smarter.

Curiosity kills the cat, but satisfaction brought it back. You get smarter. What is the essence of being Smart just before you die? Majority of us all have been here in this #world longer than the clock can tell we have been told there is no true incarnation and the world is not older than 6,000 years. You dumbasses. This is where consciousness with curiousity comes in place.

You will keep coming back if you are not open to the chaos and malevolence around you. The modern bible has shifted so many values in society today. So many! and I will explain, Religion has always been a set of rules, Just like the constitution. You fuck up the #constitution you go to Jail, You fuck up the #Religion you go to hell. Alright?

This is where consciousness with curiosity comes in. 

I will give you something. "Find out who the fuck you truly are with numbers". Numbers is God language. We voice, write and paint as our language to understand the trivia of the 'Mind of God' UNDERSTAND YOUR NUMBERS.


That was the same question I asked some friends days ago. 

You know in a ring with two wrestlers they might be cool before they get into the "cage" but when they're in there they guards is down one has to fall and the other has to get the belt no matter what. In that point in time they are enemies.

Living #life with you knowing nobody wants what you have is living in mediocrity. Nobody wants to swap places with a begger on the street for no fucking reason. Your enemy is the person, event, spirit that is holding you from where you ought to be that is your enemy. I don't expect anyone to call a name as there enemy. Just an instance reference. Live your life too big to fail, know your enemy, have an enemy and defeat it. It will give you more momentum in this life's ring.


The world is filled with men and women seeking pleasure and novelty connecting to emotions and feelings that is why the best mind control adapts and dissolves the mind first. Obviously, as it should. Your feelings is your only victim. 

A few quest for control, rulership and power even at your own despair and detriment. At this point it doesn't matter what you feel because that shit ain't useful. It is what you do—actionable rational standpoint. I have got all this consciousness, what do I do with it? for me keeping it in will destroy me. I share it. Share it.

Before you absorb something ask yourself the most feared question. What will I do with this info? Upscale of downscale? There is a lot to prove out 'there' which I will be sharing 'here' but the change won't come in when you aren't ready to make a change in your THINKing. You got to leave the heart place and think from the head place. It is all for a higher #consciousness.


ENLIGHTENMENT is consciousness, Self Awareness is enlightenment. Ye gods be enlightened.


I have been trying to clarify this lately. Who really is 'God'? this question have been shallow for a very long time and those that tell us there know 'God' is a trillion dollar corporation. One cannot testify to that which is not seen, they said. Yes, we were created by something, someone unimaginable!

" Imagine this, You tell someone a story or life event about something that happened the person takes it, tells it to the third person, the third to the fourth person on and on! will the story be the exact as you have told it, words by word? " NO!. That is the dystopia we are living in now. We worship something else but not our creator and the moment you understand that the core of the Vatican plan is to destroy you to be dust on the earth you will tend to two side think everything, even your name.

Of course they will be a main point that will be summarized from your story even if the third and fourth person that is telling the story added 'what will make it sweet and convincing enough' The main point to grasp is " He that is in you, is greater than he that is in the world ". Only you have the real power to connect with your creator nevertheless we are here to create, improve and innovate and  ' don't trust me ', You are a Creator. Nothing is secret. The words "#AMEN, #GOD, #LORD, #HOLYSPIRIT" aren't real. Imagine your name is Michael and I call Kelvin, will you look back? 

I require you to find your root and connect with it because 'These people' have put 'You people' in a dark box. It's my duty to find the TRUTH. Question Yourself!


The only wealth in this life is business that is something most people will never know nobody and no one will be comfortable working under a crook head. Men are status seekers and women are validation seekers that is money in your pocket is what will give you status as a man. Why not make it big by having a business? Suffer now to grow it and enjoy it later. I would rather suffer as much as I can now so I can grow later because I have no choice! 

Leaving a legacy should be the Goal and you can't do that working under some pussy head.



-If we could improve in any way, how would we do it?

-What’s the number-one problem with our organization? Why?

-What’s not fun about working here?

-Who is really kicking ass in the company? and Whom do you admire?

-If you were me, what changes would you make?

-What don’t you like about our product and services?

-What’s the biggest opportunity that we’re missing out on?

-What are we not doing that we should be doing?

-Are you happy working here? Why are you happy working here? with a smile🙂.


#SelfAwareness is the studying of who you are and understanding what people see you as.

To Know thy self ask others to explain you as short as possible.

" The average individual has a minimum of 550 gifts ".

#secrets #lessons

"WHY" is a disempowering question - envy, jealousy and sloth.

"WHY NOT" is an an empowering question - Possibilities, Power & Unlimited.

- Everything can be taken from you expect one thing

The right to choose your attitude in every given circumstances.#marketing

Your choice is your consequence...

You can make a choice but not choose it's consequence.

The three types of people are;

#CONSTITUENT - Just want to take from you.#life

#COMRADE - Have something unique to take from you.

#CONFIDENCE - They bring into your life, If through words or actions because they #BELIEVE in you.



#Philosophers has come and gone many are just editing and adding works to the great works of past men. Just as Pythagorean philosophers said 'The universe is made up of numbers' Understand your number. Your life path number. The fact! The universe shows itself that it was created by someone or something believe it or not. Know thyself! And the first step to becoming that your dream self is knowing what to do to become your dream self. A life path number can help you through your date of birth remember your date or birth is number and numbers control the universe. KNOW THYSELF!. Everything can be predicted.

Life path number

27 03 2005

2+7 3 2+5

9 + 3 + 7


10 remove the zero(0)


6K LEGIIT Life path number is 1

01! that's why I'm the BOSS! with this life path number a career path can be paved, your #relationship and all just do a due diligence research about each life path numbers 1 - 10, 11, 22, and 33 and make the best of it.


If you understand that the school is a #business you will know well that you are nothing but a customer. The #School degree that they print is nothing but paper and numbers that will describe your #future 'they say'.

I want you to know something, The school teaches you not to fail. Failure in life is VERY ESSENTIAL TO #SUCCESS in the life we live, that is why the professor that teaches international business has dared not to start a business because he is scared of failure. Life will always give you disagreements, dangers, regrets my dear be proud of it because people will kill to swap places with you relentlessly. That is why God chooses the bad ones, that is why when the poor get rich they stay rich they don't want to go back again because they have seen shit.

They have lessons this lessons doesn't come from reading outdated books that the school give you. The school keeps telling you the same thing. I want you to understand something think different for once In your life challenge me that the school is a business for themselves and the government. I will quote a friend "If you focus on one thing prior to your growth for those 3 or 4 years I promise you will make it big." - Odeh Gift(YoungCEO).

For those that have the privilege to go to school, GO FOR IT after reading this. If you don't have the privilege to go to school DON'T JUST BOTHER. If you need to pursue a high degree career that you really want to acquire you can go and get the out of value degree. In the past 30 years students that graduated with a FIRST class or 2:1 was 19% now 2023. It's up 75%, a whooping 75%!. This is inflation on degrees, it's going worthless. FIRST CLASS is getting worthless there is too many of it.

For me school was a leverage to get out of comfort to build confidence by traveling to another country all by myself. If you have this kind of privilege please take it. Play along with the game don't disobey the #matrix yet by dropping out. But what you do is this, Pick something you will do daily that will activate your success other than the school system. It could be #freelancing, #coding Start something other than doing useless assignment or playing video games! 


In a 100 years from now, historians will remember us for our childishness, Using the dark side of #technology, a narcissist and isolated beings.

How to be remembered by historians?

- Be #RICH. Frankly speaking, Nobody remains the poor they might do only if the poor dude has an interesting poor life. The rich life's are always interesting so they will always be remembered.

- Write about yourself. I won't know you if you don't tell me about you and in a hundred years from now, you probably won't have the chance to tell me about you because you will be dead! so write it down that only will stand the test of time.

- Be interesting - Nobody wants to read an autobiographer work that's boring make you life interesting by getting rich!

- Further your own interest. We all have interest normals. Make your interest crazy enough to get attention.

About getting attention,

Everyone wants attention that's why we write and show what we know other than that it's all attention seeking so let nobody tell you 'I don't look for attention'. so why the fuck are they wearing that beautiful dress? Think again...

- Lead and be the head of something huge. This needs no explanation.

" People are forgotten because we have nothing to remember them with. No books, no stacks, no autobiographies or biographies. That which is not written is forgotten. The first step to be remembered is KNOWING THEY SELF and WRITING ABOUT THYSELF INTERESTINGLY. Make yourself interesting else nobody will read you. " 


"What makes you think about the people in your #life? What's life about?. If you don't go through it as a man's man, you suck it up. Take the fall, do the times that made you who are, that makes you who you are. You take the beating for a friend, you don't run, you don't lay down, you don't #betray who you are. What You are".

~Words from John Gotti. 


The FUTURE is so clear. What can I know about the future? I'm no fortune seer or a prophet. The future should be so obvious to those that try to look at it.

They say the future is bright. I say it's full of chaos. Not just Chaos by nature but an Organized Chaos. The type of #future where lizards will live among us, witches flying at noon because we the normal ones are sleeping or rather programmed to sleep. The word is for the normal ones for those that are normal they know themselves. We are not being controlled by anyone but we are controlled by the thoughts that say "it's not true". Bizarre enough to say "it's not true". Because you don't want to feel scared. Everyone feels scared but what we don't know is that it's OK to be scared.

You think Joe Louis what's scared when he entered the ring with Matt? The fight that ended world war II they say. Every great thing is built on fear. Don't just wake up every day thinking it's the best. Think it's the last and make it the best. We are all limited here before the landlord comes to take it from us. We are tenants in this kingdom.

The FUTURE will be filled with the dark side of technology. We have got the bliss side of it in the early 2000's. What is good is also bad. I'm saying this because I'm scared too. I'm more scared than you are. If you ever are. #Myfutureisscary. 


"The eyes is the gateway to the #soul"

The intellect of man sits enthroned visibly upon his forehead and in his eye.

.... Use your eyes as you talk.

The use of RESONANCE - The echo and depth of how to control the volume of every word that leaves your mouth.

"when you speak, your words must not only reach the target but EMOTIONALLY impact the target"

"To #seduce, you must leave your listener mulling over your words instead of senselessly rambling and trampling over your best possible outcome" Use cadence to make her fall without the possibility of rising back.

Use of CADENCE - The stress and pause of our words with rhyme.

The best way to speak is to speak a little bit slowly with a smile at the end of very sentence. #superstar BE SMOOTH! 


Why not start your fund? and make blissful money from it. The best thing about starting a #fund is that you aren't bothering about using your #money rather you are using other people's money. You make money by making other people money and there's no limit to what you can accumulate.

   For brokies that have this 'big idea' the best thing to do is start a fund for the idea. it all still downs to '#selfimprovement'. If you haven't improved yourself well enough in #investing, body language and confidence it will be very difficult to meet investors especially the old and intimidating ones. 'Self improvement' will take your everywhere and how to self Improve is to be curious about everything.

" The nice thing about having trillions of dollars is that I get to do what I want, where I want, how I want and when I want. The 4 W's of freedom. I'm the luckiest guy in the world and when I die I need to come back as me. 6K LEGIIT! ".

You will make money buy using other people's money in this life. it's just like the #rich taking debts to #finance a house or flip a bargain.

Firstly, for fund launch; Find the deal. There are numerous investment deals out there. Many ASF! and many are funny and amazing. People have a fund in selling sperm, selling funeral homes, Real estate, Softwares and many ASF! So find your deal!

Frame the deal; Learn as much as you can about it. so when you are asked you got details.

 The hardest part is going out to find #investors. The question is 'WHO' not 'HOW'.

Then you legalize your fund by registering a 506(b) or C with the SEC or FCA  getting a lawyer and all those crap. Never legalize first! Get the money in first. You can tell your To-be investors they will appreciate the honestly and help your from scratch if the deal is that pulling.


Find a deal, Frame the deal, Find investors, Legalize.



A man should protect, not should he has to protect. The 2 genders cannot and will never be equal why the quest for equality? Equality is #perfection which can never be attained. For a relationship to work they need to be some form of domination from either of the partner, ideally and traditionally the male. For every #relationship to work at some point one has to talk and the other has to listen, a must listen. They is no equality in life and they will never be. Expect women want to be in the war front, men giving birth, the #rich undervaluing they time and the poor giving #value. Stupid! No equality!

   "Society" are encouraging men to be weak. The pornography, the social media are all the tools. One thing I will tell about pornography as a man is to regulate, moderate it so low that you set goals daily will make you forget about it completely. When you have goals written down I swear you won't have time for Onlyfans in the first place. Why does the #government not bring down this platforms? Because it's the users choice right? It's dangerous but when a site like silkroad was up the government were ranting like dogs trying to catch it's tail. it's my choice to buy drugs too. Pornography is a drug, the more you use it the more you get addicted to it. 

Dignity is shown today for what you did in your past.

Do not forget, 




" The ALL everything of creation happens from the mind ". Thoughts comes first and bring itself to life with action.


" That WHICH is above is similar or like to that which is below ". That which is down is up. 

- He that is in me, is greater than he that is in the world.


" There is no true #death. We all vibrate in different terms ".


" Everything is a dual.

- A Good and a bad.

- A #Rich and poor.

- A male and female

The world cannot form and move without polarity. They will always be a difference in everything #nature has. Do not Search for equality!


" Everything has a swing to it. A rhyme—the way things go and is controlled ".


They is no chance. Everything is a cause that leads to a (Negative or Positive) effect.


Gender manifest in effect. Hot and Cold. They is no togetherness in it. They is only Logic and emotions (Male and Female).